European Oak Flooring with a Friendly Price Tag

At Chateau Domingue, we have spent many years curating the very best selection of both newly-quarried and reclaimed stone for our store.  Alongside this effort, we have located hundreds of lots of 18th c. French oak and specialty reclaimed wood flooring options for our clients.

We are now pleased to present our carefully edited selection of newly-planked European oak.  This collection offers authentic, high quality oak with a friendly price tag.  It is also available in different widths and patterns including popular herringbones and parquets.

Ask us about matte finishes that last for years and special color options – the sky is the limit!

European Oak

European Oak 2

European Oak 3

Oak Flooring with a Friendly Price Tag

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Martha Stewart Up Close & Personal at Chateau Domingue!

Martha Stewart, Ruth Gay, and Shawnna Fatjo at Chateau Domingue

Martha Stewart, Ruth Gay, and Shawnna Fatjo at Chateau Domingue

We were thrilled to welcome Martha Stewart to our showroom in Houston over Super Bowl Weekend.  We share Martha’s love of all things lifestyle and home, and naturally we loved showing her all that our companies have to offer!  Martha was incredibly kind to write a blog about her visit to CD, which you can check out at the link below.

Read Martha’s blog about CD here!

Over the past five years, we have founded three sister businesses that further our vision to offer our clients the very best curated products that cannot be found anywhere else.  Domingue Architectural Finishes exclusively sells the same all-natural lime and mineral based plasters and paints made famous in the projects of Axel Vervoordt.  Atelier Domingue manufactures low-profile European inspired steel windows and doors, and Maison Domingue manufactures bespoke doors of reclaimed French oak and pine.  We had fun showing Martha all of our lines at the showroom, and welcome all of our followers to visit us soon!


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We’re Loving This…Collection de Boucherie

Over the years, some of our favorite items originally decorated or served functional purposes in French boucheries and Italian macellerias. Zinc animal heads indicated the type of meat for sale, while marble-topped tables kept the product cool.

This iron sign originally hung in an Italian butcher’s shop in the northern Piedmont region of Italy at the turn of the 20th century. Imagine it accenting a grand kitchen or dining area.

DSCN9904Please join us in browsing our collection de boucherie – we hope these items inspire you!

12096-13Late 19th Century Zinc Bull Head

11797-38Antique Boucherie Sign from a Butcher’s Shop in St. Etienne, France

10572-23_1Antique French Table de Boucherie

New Meat HookLate 19th Century Butcher’s Rack from the same Butcher’s Shop as the Carne Bovina Sign



two bull heads    Antique Iron Bull Heads

10116-214_Resized19th Century Meat Hook from a Boucherie in Provence

Contact us here to find out how you can make these items a part of your personal collection!

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We’re Loving This…18th Century Porte Tiercé

This 18th c. Porte Tiercé originally guarded the entrance to a courtyard in the heart of Beynac-et-Cazenac, a Village in the Dordogne Region of France.

The back of this monumental piece shows exquisite craftsmanship in both function and form. The hand-hammered hardware would have protected the residence while also serving as a focal point of the courtyard.

Rustic Gate Collage 2The commanding presence of this door would add character to any interior space.

We love impressive entrance doors and gates…Shop our other favorites below:

PicMonkey CollageRow 1 – 18th Century Spanish Doors / 17th Century Tuscan Doors / 18th Century French Doors

Row 2 – 18th Century Italian Doors / 18th Century French Doors / 18th Century Communication Doors

Row 3 – 17th Century Doors from Toulouse / Pair of Louis XV Doors / 18th Century Entrance Doors

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A Greenwich Dream Home

Chic in dress and poised in presence, designer Emma Jane Pilkington’s Connecticut house is no exception to her unparalleled taste.

Raised in Greenwich, CT, an adolescent Pilkington told herself she would never move back to the quaint area after experiencing the excitement of Chicago and Paris during college, and then New York City where she settled during the 1990s. After falling in love and marrying financier Todd Goergen, also raised in Greenwich, the couple came full circle and purchased a Norman-style house in their hometown.

After an extensive remodel by the talented architects at Ike Kligerman Barkley, this month’s Elle Decor explores the couple’s European-inspired abode – light-filled rooms, antiques mixed with modern, and exquisite flooring abound:

Fiery_Color_005(1)-2 Fiery_Color_003(1) Fiery_Color_002(1) Fiery_Color_005(1)

In love with this look? Channel Emma Jane’s style with Chateau Domingue product…

PicMonkey CollageRow 1 – Aged White Marble and Pierre de Bruxelles / 18th century French Cheminee / Belgian Blue Counter Stone

Row 2 – 19th century Stone Urn / Aged Oak Flooring in Campagne 1 / Antique Butcher’s Rack

Row 3 – Louis XVI French Lustre / Louis XIV Trumeau Cheminee / 18th Century Console Table

Row 4  – Pigment and Ink Framed Media  / 19th century Table de Boucher / 18th Century Venetian Sconces

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