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Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration! 6 Amazing Backsplashes from Reclaimed Materials

Ready to be inspired? These creative backsplashes use reclaimed materials you won’t find in most homes! Chateau Domingue’s proprietor Ruth Gay’s kitchen is a symphony of texture! Featuring walls of French Limestone Bugets and open hearth, Ruth’s kitchen is a … Read the rest of this entry

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The Story Behind One of the Oldest Pieces in the Chateau Domingue Collection…

A 14th c. Benetier carved with neolithic tools, is one of our oldest finds at Chateau Domingue. The craftsman who carved this sink with a primitive chisel saw his way of life dramatically altered by the decisions of powerful people … Read the rest of this entry

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Bring Home History | 18th c. Portuguese Glazed Tile Panels

These traditional 18th century antique Portuguese panels have been crafted in the traditional style dating back over five centuries. Today, a modern designer can celebrate this look of authentic Iberian history by adding these dramatic tiles to sun-rooms, courtyards, or spacious living … Read the rest of this entry

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