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Rare Find – Pair of Spanish Chandeliers

These stunning chandeliers were originally hung in a Spanish teatro. True to their theatrical origin, they emit drama and command attention. As it becomes increasingly difficult to acquire beautiful antique lighting, finding a pair is exceptional! This pair was crafted circa 1900. Dimensions: ± … Read the rest of this entry

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18th c. French Fountain Has One Unusual…

Originally used as a water distribution system throughout small villages of the Provence region of France, this 18th century wall fountain will add an impressive touch to any outdoor space. Wall fountains were common near village entrances or locations of … Read the rest of this entry

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The Art That Taught 19th c. French Cowboys to Rope

This unique and exquisite bull panel from lower France will be the topic of conversation in your kitchen or den. This piece served as a traditional learning display for French cowboys known as Gardians, and serves as a wonderful example … Read the rest of this entry

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Friday Design Inspiration | 19th c. French Butcher’s Table

This exceptionally large Table de Boucherie or Butcher’s Table has stolen the hearts of everyone at Chateau Domingue this week! It was originally used to display meats and artisanal food found in a French butcher’s shop. This piece measures ± … Read the rest of this entry

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Our latest find: 18th c. Italian Entrance Doors

This pair of 18th c. Italian doors greeted visitors for centuries at the entrance of a Casa di Campagna in the picturesque Italian village of Sesto Imolese. Italian country houses were built with the arched doorways and windows, a design … Read the rest of this entry

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