A Lookback: Italian Doors

Since we opened our doors in 2002, hundreds of amazing antique Italian doors have passed through our gallery halls and into the homes of our clients. During her voyages to Italy and beyond, our proprietor Ruth Gay scours vendor after vendor to find the perfect pieces to bring back to the Chateau Domingue showroom.

Ruth examines each item carefully – while not always perfect on the surface, Ruth chooses doors that will become striking pieces once the original patina is restored.

Sometimes its an exciting style that draws Ruth in, and sometimes it might be the well-preserved antique hardware that makes the door.

While there have been many, we still have fond memories of our favorite Italian doors imported by Chateau Domingue:

This ornate 18th century door originally graced the interior of a palazzo in Florence, Italy. The hand-carved decorations and beautiful faded tones made this door a spectacular find.

Door 2.jpg

Ruth discovered this beautiful piece hiding in the corner in a vendor’s warehouse:

This style of antique hinges were indicative of their Italian provenance.


These tall and strikingly colored 18th century doors were made for an important residence on the Canal Grande in Venice, Italy.


Here we see the Grand Canal as depicted in a painting by Canaletto – note the large palazzos that line the waterway.



The muted yet dramatic colors of this tall pair seem to almost reflect the coloring of the Grand Canal.

10518-23 Collage.jpg

Classically Italian in shape, these 18th century doors’ most unique feature was the inlaid paintings perched atop the sturdy frames.


The calming landscapes transport the viewer back to the Italian countryside that would have surrounded the castello near Cuneo, Italy from where they were reclaimed.


{Source / Source}

While these unique finds have already found their permanent homes, we always have a wide selection of antique doors…Explore our current selection here.

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  1. Rié|Portobello Design Blog says:

    I love antique doors; nothing beats the architectural beauty they add to a home with their rich patina! Lovely feature! All the best, Rié