We’re Loving This…Collection de Boucherie

Over the years, some of our favorite items originally decorated or served functional purposes in French boucheries and Italian macellerias. Zinc animal heads indicated the type of meat for sale, while marble-topped tables kept the product cool.

This iron sign originally hung in an Italian butcher’s shop in the northern Piedmont region of Italy at the turn of the 20th century. Imagine it accenting a grand kitchen or dining area.

DSCN9904Please join us in browsing our collection de boucherie – we hope these items inspire you!

12096-13Late 19th Century Zinc Bull Head

11797-38Antique Boucherie Sign from a Butcher’s Shop in St. Etienne, France

10572-23_1Antique French Table de Boucherie

New Meat HookLate 19th Century Butcher’s Rack from the same Butcher’s Shop as the Carne Bovina Sign



two bull heads    Antique Iron Bull Heads

10116-214_Resized19th Century Meat Hook from a Boucherie in Provence

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