Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration! 6 Amazing Backsplashes from Reclaimed Materials

Ready to be inspired? These creative backsplashes use reclaimed materials you won’t find in most homes!

Chateau Domingue’s proprietor Ruth Gay’s kitchen is a symphony of texture! Featuring walls of French Limestone Bugets and open hearth, Ruth’s kitchen is a modern version of a Tuscan country manor. Our favorite design element? The reclaimed cobblestone flooring.

Cobblestone is amazing in that is an extremely flexible material, popular as a impactful backsplash as shown in this amazing kitchen below.

Photo credit: Decoholic

Our reclaimed cobblestones hail from Europe where they were used for centuries in courtyards, interior flooring and wall stone in country bastides, monasteries and elite chateaus. Each cobblestone is unique, with wear that bears witness to centuries of daily use.

Photo credit: Aston Design Studios

The amazing interior designers at Aston Design Studios are specialists in designing statement backsplashes. Here her team used an Azulejos tile panel as the sole backsplash element in this modern kitchen.

The tradition of Azulejos tin glazed ceramic tile panels date back to 13th century Spain and Portugal. Originally found in walls, ceilings and floors throughout the Mediterranean, their vibrant blues, sunny yellows and durability make them an excellent choice for a unique kitchen backsplash. Our team recently acquired this beautiful Azulegos panel during a European buying excursion.

Photo: HomeAdore

This beautiful backsplash is a dramatic departure from the typical grid-style layout of modern kitchen tiled backsplashes. The irregularity of the sizes, colors and textures of the stone and thick grout lines used above achieve a soft, rustic look.

This type of stone is called Rubblestone. Our team has reclaimed Rubblestone from demolished European buildings, long forgotten walls and streets replaced with modern pavement. It is a popular design choice for both interior and exterior spaces. Available in every color imaginable, each stone can be hand-selected to achieve a harmonious look with any design palette.

Photo: House and Home

This French country kitchen featured in House & Home has amazing details! An oversized hearth used as an architectural element frames the stove and prep area. The designer’s brilliant choice of hexagonal terracotta tiles in warm orange brings warmth to the space and completes the illusion of a burning fireplace.

We love Terracotta tiles and we always have them in our collection. Used in the centuries as flooring pieces, Terracotta tiles are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors. They make amazing components for an impactful kitchen backsplash or wall.

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

This small kitchen makes a big impact thanks to a bold backsplash of Colored Cement Tiles. By restricting the kitchen’s palette to white, the designer set the stage for this gorgeous tilework.

Our reclaimed Colored Cement Tiles are always a favorite! Just imagine the grande home where this collection of tiles originated. Often used as floor tile in entrance halls of chateaux and fine maisons, the tiles are rich in history and totally unique.

Inspired? Visit us to see more of our amazing reclaimed stone and tile just waiting to be incorporated into your kitchen. Contact us to discuss any of the above pieces or for more information on creative ways to integrate reclaimed stone, tile and more as your new kitchen backsplash.




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