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19th c Work table from an Atel

OAD: ± x 33.25H155.75W x 26D

ITEM # 12485-17

Late 17th c Spanish Table

OAD: ± x 30H110.5W x 42D

ITEM # 11999-63

18th c Pair of Balcony Console

OAD: ± x 38.25H58W x 19D

ITEM # 60110-M

19th c Italian Garden Table

OAD: ± x 30.25H47W x 31.5D

ITEM # 10162-6

Antique French Church Pews

OAD: ± x 33H74W x 12.5D

ITEM # 11020-118

17th c. Spanish Table

OAD: ± x 31H24.25W31H

ITEM # 12192-21

Early 19th c. Farm Table from a Small Chateau

OAD: ± x 31H98.5W x 35.5D

ITEM # 10048-57a

19th c. Bistro Shelf

OAD: ± x 74.75H57W x 9D

ITEM # 11564-54

Early 18th c. Umbrian Cabinet

OAD: ± x 83H89W x 28D

ITEM # 12325-67

19th c. Catalan Table

OAD: ± x 31H98W x 35.25D

ITEM # 4992-64

19th c. Painted Swedish Table

OAD: ± x 28.25H49.5W28.25H

ITEM # R-111

Swedish Drop Leaf Table, c. 1800

OAD: ± 30.5H x 49D

ITEM # 5802-263

19th c. French Farm Table W 118"

OAD: ± x 29.25H118.25W x 31.5D

ITEM # 1856-31

Italian Painted Niche

OAD: ± x 51H32W x 12.5D

ITEM # 6318-41

18th c. Console Table from Arezzo, Italy

OAD: ± x 42.5H21.5W42.5H

ITEM # 11868-160

Pair of 19th c. Etageres

OAD: ± x 30H34W x 10D

ITEM # 10710-53

19th c. French Table de Boulangerie

OAD: ± x 31.25H43W x 31.25D

ITEM # 10621-2

18th c. Fauteuil

OAD: ± x 46H29.5W x 28D

ITEM # 10704-31

Set of 6 19th c. Chairs

OAD: ± x 43.75H18.5W x 16D

ITEM # 10704-30

Rennaissance Walnut Console Table

OAD: ± x 34H83.5W x 33D

ITEM # 10525-34

Early 18th c. Corner Niche

OAD: ± 42W x 21D

ITEM # 10835-300

Late 17th c Italian Console Table

OAD: ± x 32.5H75W x 35D

ITEM # 12005-72

Enfilade de Patisserie

OAD: ± x 34H32W34H

ITEM # 12096-14

18th c. Italian Canape

OAD: ± x 37H72W x 26D

ITEM # 12218-79

Pair of Antique Folding Stools

OAD: ± x 31.75H19W x 17D

ITEM # 11997-60

Spanish Console Table in Oregon Pine

OAD: ± x 33H133W x 29D

ITEM # 12080-229

Iron and Marble Table from an Orangerie

OAD: ± x 30.75H60.5W x 31.5D

ITEM # 12202-33

19th c. French Jeweler's Table

OAD: ± x 30.5H63.5W x 39.5D

ITEM # 11226-161

Pair 18th c. Tuscan Corner Cabinets

OAD: ± x 43.25H42.5W x 21.75D

ITEM # 4071-9

Pair 19th c. Demilune Tables

OAD: ± x 28.5H52.5W x 53D

ITEM # 1117-187

Late 18th c. Italian Table

OAD: ± x 31.25H51.5W x 32.5D

ITEM # 1856-36

17th c. Pyrennees Table

OAD: ± x 31.5H75.5W x 42D

ITEM # 1955-24

18th c. Buffet Credenza

OAD: ± x 40H55W x 24D

ITEM # 3173-40

16th c. Chestnut Table

OAD: ± x 31.25H71.5W x 29.25D

ITEM # 4001-82

18th c. Country Buffet

OAD: ± x 39.5H53W x 25D

ITEM # 4135-7

18th c. 2 Sided Buffet

OAD: ± x 32H65.5W x 27.5D

ITEM # 4738-51

18th c. Painted Cabinet

OAD: ± x 59H41W x 19D

ITEM # 4934-72

18th c. Buffet deux Corps from the Gers Region

OAD: ± x 102.5H67W x 26.5D

ITEM # 4993-65

Pair Louis XVI Chairs

OAD: ± x 34.5H22.5W x 20.5D

ITEM # 5770-190

Swedish Corner Cabinet

OAD: ± x 38.25H52.5W x 37.25D

ITEM # 5793-239

Small 19th c. Painted Cabinet

OAD: ± x 24H22W x 12D

ITEM # 5801-258

17th c. Spanish Wall Cupboard

OAD: ± x 53H40.5W x 17.25D

ITEM # 5908-74

18th c. Buffet from Tuscany

OAD: ± x 41H55W x 23.75D

ITEM # 6161-48

16th c. Walnut Table

OAD: ± x 31.5H58.5W x 30D

ITEM # 6304-7

Drop Leaf Table, c.1790

OAD: ± x 32H84W x 49.25D

ITEM # 6365-18

Pair 19th c. Chinese Armoires

OAD: ± x 80.5H49.5W x 21.5D

ITEM # 6367-20

19th c. Iron Table with Marble

OAD: ± x 32H37W x 37.75D

ITEM # 6481-29

17th c. Table

OAD: ± x 27.5H59W x 32.5D

ITEM # 10004-8

18th c. Venetian Armoire

OAD: ± x 88H64W x 24.5D

ITEM # 10007-12

Italian Enfilade

OAD: ± x 40.5H58.5W x 21D

ITEM # 10023-31

18th c. Bench

OAD: ± x 16H66.75W x 10.25D

ITEM # 10508-12

17th c. Marble Console

OAD: ± x 33.5H84.25W x 36D

ITEM # 10833-290B

19th c. French Iron and Marble Table

OAD: ± x 32.75H38.75W32.75H

ITEM # 11379-20

18th c. Buffet Deux Corps

OAD: ± x 102.5H63.75W x 12.5D

ITEM # 11565-55

Pair of 19th c. Harvest Tables

OAD: ± x 28.5H110.5W x 31.5D

ITEM # 11588-109

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