We offer Antique Sinks for sale in Houston TX and can ship your architectural antiques worldwide from our local showroom and warehouse. Our inventory of Sinks is the largest and most authentic in the United States. If you're looking for a specific style of Antique Sinks that you do not see in our Architectural Antiques inventory, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to let you know when we receive something similar to what you seek. We appreciate you visiting Chateau Domingue, one of the premier importers of reclaimed Architectural Antiques in the United States.

18th c Stone Evier from an Inn

OAD: ± x 6H30.25W x 20.5D

ITEM # 12421-42

19th c. Evier from a Provencal

OAD: ± x 5H28W x 18.75D

ITEM # 12421-43

18th c Evier from a Bourgeois

OAD: ± x 7H31.5W x 23.25D

ITEM # 12429-57

18th c Evier from a Domaine

OAD: ± x 5.75H31.625W x 19D

ITEM # 12429-58

Reclaimed Marble sink from Car

OAD: ± x 5.75H18W x 17.75D

ITEM # 12440-73

18th c. Evier from a Maison de

OAD: ± x 6H37.5W x 20.5D

ITEM # 12471-126

Antique Reclaimed Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 5.5H31W x 12D

ITEM # 12532-114

Antique Stone Sink

OAD: ± x 5.25H34W x 20D

ITEM # 12305-18

Antique Stone Sink

OAD: ± x 5.5H33.25W x 19.5D

ITEM # 12414-30

18th c. Stone Sink from a Form

OAD: ± x 15.75H43.5W x 24.5D

ITEM # 12417-38

18th c. Stone Sink from a Vine

OAD: ± 39.37W x 26.77D

ITEM # 12441-75

Antique Belgian Through

OAD: ± x 10.25H27.5W x 16D

ITEM # 12450-87

18th c. Red Marble Evier

OAD: ± x 5.5H24W x 24.25D

ITEM # 12078-227

Reclaimed White Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 5H29W x 11.5D

ITEM # 12457-104

Reclaimed White Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 5.75H39W x 17.5D

ITEM # 12457-105

19th c. French Shell Sink

OAD: ± x 8.25H26W x 21D

ITEM # 12515-65

Mid Century Belgian Blue Sink

OAD: ± x 6.5H19.75W x 16.5D

ITEM # 12532-115

17th c. Stone Evier from a village house in Montpellier, Fra...

OAD: ± x 8.5H38W x 25.25D

ITEM # 12070-218

19th c. Marble Sink from a Villa Outside Arezza

OAD: ± x 13.5H71W x 28.5D

ITEM # 11873-169

17th c. Trapani Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 15.25H22W x 24.5D

ITEM # 11871-166

17th c Benetier from Vaucluse

OAD: ± x 13H20W x 16.5D

ITEM # 12196-26

18th c. Stone Evier from Marseilles

OAD: ± x 12.5H67W x 35.75D

ITEM # 11517-102

18th c. Evier from a Kitchen

OAD: ± x 7H31W x 35.5D

ITEM # 5814-320

17th C Evier from Bize-Minervois

OAD: ± x 8H41W x 24.5D

ITEM # 11985-122

17th c Stone Auge

OAD: ± x 14.5H33.5W x 23.34D

ITEM # 12028-141

Benetier from a Church

OAD: ± x 9H12.25W x 11D

ITEM # 12010-96

16th Century Benetier

OAD: ± x 7.5H11W x 15.5D
Basin D: ± 3

ITEM # 11954-80

18th c. Marble Evier

OAD: ± x 7H16.5W x 21.25D
Basin D: ± 4

ITEM # 11787-7

19th c. Evier

OAD: ± x 6H35W x 21D
Basin D: ± 3.25

ITEM # 11880-182

Early 19th c. Sink of Aggregat

OAD: ± x 5.75H14.25W x 13D

ITEM # 4929-64

18th c. Stone Basin from a Courtyard Fountain in Aix-en-Prov...

OAD: ± x 12H28W x 26D

ITEM # 10071-135

16th c. Sink

OAD: ± x 4.5H45.25W x 27.25D

ITEM # 10353-75

19th c. Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 5.5H31.5W x 23.5D

ITEM # 10497-52

18th c. Evier from the Kitchen of a Maison de Ville

OAD: ± x 6H41.25W x 25.25D

ITEM # 10548-77

Early 19th c. Stone Evier

OAD: ± x 12.5H40W x 27D

ITEM # 10604-92

18th c. Italian Marble Sink

OAD: ± x 10.75H31W x 22.5D

ITEM # 11313-49

Italian Stone Vasca, circa 190

OAD: ± x 28.5H21.25W x 14D

ITEM # 11313-51

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