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Chateau Domingue's extraordinary array of flooring includes our extensive selection of beautiful reclaimed terracotta and Parefeuille as well as encaustic cement, delft and marble tiles all ranging from the 17th to 19th centuries. Our collection also encompasses rare reclaimed oak and European stone floors dating from the 15th through 19th centuries as well as aged French oak and limestone hand-crafted in the centuries-old style. Our reclaimed stone, tile and wood flooring are rescued from demolished bastides, chateaux, fattorias, castellos and palacios across France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. We are among the few who still hand-select each palette of stone brought into the showroom, providing our clients with the highest quality and consistency. We are diligent in preserving the authenticity of all reclaimed flooring and do little to change or rework the originality of the product unless specified by the client.

      Please note, as with all antique and reclaimed material,
      availability of all our products is limited.

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